There are so many aspects to design due to the variety of mediums in which the end product may be viewed by the target audience. Whether it’s promotional materials in print form or digital media, Color Green Creative implements a creative process to ensure the completed project meets the objectives of our clients.

Identify the specific needs of the client – establishing the overall objective, target audience, message, and deliverables.

What will the solution be? How Will it work? Who will utilize it? We determine a strategic plan through the brainstorming process and deliver a conceptual solution to the customer.

Bringing creative ideas to life visually by developing initial composites and refining them until the visual representation will accomplish the objectives established earlier in the creative process.

Utilizing the necessary technological expertise and resources available to development of the final product – delivering the end product to the customer and take the necessary steps in future project management.

To learn more about our design capabilities, visit our Case Studies.