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Covington FOE

The Covington Fraternal Order of Eagles is a non-profit organization who takes great pride in providing financial donations to local schools, first responders, charitable organizations and other non-profit groups. In order to broaden its reach to its target audience, the Covington Eagles contacted Color Green Creative to establish an online presence for the organization and provide insight on managing its online presence.

This was a very rewarding and gratifying project as it required learning about the organization and establishing an online strategy that provided the Covington Eagles and easy-to-use platform for maintenance. Once this strategy was established, we established a look emphasized the overall branding established by the Covington Eagles through its printed materials – handouts, menus, etc. We then provided on-location photographic services to capture captivating images, which visually conveys the high standards of the organization and communicates the types of services it provides the surrounding communities.

The end result of the website was on target as the Covington Fraternal Order of Eagles has an online presence that more than meets its needs.

Visit the Covington Eagles’ website at: