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The Village of St. Paris

One of the most gratifying and rewarding projects to work on is when it involves a small community. Many times small village governments don’t have the funding target communities have, but they have the same needs when it comes to promotion and keeping their residents informed.

After seeing what Color Green Creative did for the Village of Covington, the Village of St. Paris contacted us to build a website to help in promoting the town and keeping its residents up-to-date on events and village ordinances.

Unlike Covington, St. Paris had no existing branding to utilize, so we had to start from scratch. We started by creating a new logo, which the village uses on all of its signage and print materials.

We then established branding guidelines, which was carried over to the oval look and feel of the website, which took nine months to complete due to the extensive material that needed to be gathered by the Village Administrator and published to the website prior to the launch.

Photography was a critical element to the success of the website and the Village of St. Paris was very fortunate to have access to photos donated by local photographers. Still, some photographic elements were missing, so we conducted several on-location shots to capture the necessary images needed to fulfill photographic needs for the significant amount of content on the website.

The end result is something Color Green Creative is extremely proud of. We provided the Village of St. Paris a mobile responsive website that is informative, attractive and very easy to maintain without having to outsource to a vendor – ultimately saving the village thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

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