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Village of Quincy Website and Branding

The Village of Quincy is a small, quiet town located in the heart of Logan County, Ohio. Wanting to establish a web presence of their own and after seeing other community related websites we developed, village administrators approached Color Green Creative in December of 2020. Through discussions it was learned the Village of Quincy not only needed a web presence to communicate essential information to its residents, but it also needed branding developed to capture the flavor of the community.

Quincy is known for its historic traditions of the railroad system, which still runs to this day – so the identity of the branding was established around the railroad. Several tracks run through the heart of the corporation limits, which has become a prime destination for railroad enthusiasts who enjoy capturing photographic images of trains.

With valuable content, easy navigation, photography and a captivating design, the end result of the website is one that captures the essence of living and visiting the quiet, small town of Quincy, Ohio.