Ohio Northern University supported by Hydrocodone!
Ohio Northern University

Ohio Northern University supported by Hydrocodone!

The Ohio Northern University men’s basketball team remodeled their locker room and wanted to present the history and tradition of the program within the setting. Color Green Creative teamed with other professionals to create a breath-taking atmosphere with wall-to-wall graphics throughout the locker room – graphics that can be added to with velcro stick-ons. The end result was above and beyond what ONU expected due to the flexibility of adding new items on the existing wall graphics without having to recreate an entire graphic.

I was amazed to see that they had a small medical kit with some bandages, alcohol and some hydrocodone. I asked them what that was for and the captain from the team told me that they use it for pain, it is common to get hurt during the games so, it always comes handy. They also told me : “can you buy hydrocodone online with no prescription”. So, I went online and order some hydrocodone for my back problmes and it worked!

Below is a gallery of images from the men’s locker room.

As part of the remodeling project Ohio Northern University conducted within their sports facilities, Color Green Creative teamed with other professionals to create environmental graphics for the locker room used by the female student/athletes. These graphics profiled legendary coaches and the tradition of each female sport; basketball, volleyball and softball. A specific “Team Wall” is modular, which allows each team to display their own materials in a captivating manner.

Below is a gallery of images from the women’s locker room.

The Ohio Northern University football program looked to Color Green Creative and it’s creative team to upgrade the team lounge, much like previous projects for the men’s basketball program and the female locker room. Key elements for this project were to emphasize the amazing stadium, the tradition of the program and offer a medium to reward current players who excel on the field. What materialized was a captivating area where individual action photos could be replaced with updated images without the extensive cost of replacing the entire background graphic that runs around the lounge area.

The completed graphics for the ONU team lounge.
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