is a comprehensive sports website featuring in-depth editorials and quality action photography. The challenge in developing this website was streamlining the large volume of content into an easy-to-use navigational structure so users could quickly access the type of content that appeals to them. Another challenge was providing an advertising module where PressPros could target specific markets and track success rates of each ad.

It all started with establishing the overall branding for the website – from designing the logo and establishing graphics standards to ensure print pieces were consistent with the overall flavor of the website.

From there, a flexible interface was established to allow PressPros to expand its content structure as needed – which allowed for an increase in editorial content without constraint and added revenue through increased advertising.

Since, PressProsMagazine has been aggressive in the marketing of its online profile with print advertising and promotions – utilizing program ads and banners to promote events.

A banner to promote a PressPros sponsored contest
A program ad promoting the PressPros website.
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