About Us

Color Green Creative is a full service creative studio providing captivating and innovative solutions for a diverse client base. Our philosophy is to think outside the box – to stretch the limits of creativity and bring our conceptual ideas to life utilizing the technological tools that have become the industry standard. Whether it’s an advertising campaign, promotional materials or an online solution, the end result must captivate the audience and deliver a specific message in a clear, concise manner.

No two customers have the same needs, therefore we approach every challenge as a unique opportunity to provide the ideal solution for each specific client. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by properly planning each phase of the project before executing the solution.

Analyze: We identify the specific needs of the client – establishing the overall objective, target audience, message, and deliverables.

Strategize: What will the solution be? How Will it work? Who will utilize it? We determine a strategic plan through the brainstorming process and deliver a conceptual solution to the customer.

Design: We bring our ideas to life visually by developing initial composites and refining them until we accomplish the ideal visual representation that will accomplish the objectives established earlier in the creative process.

Development: We execute the final product utilizing the necessary technological expertise and resources available.

Delivery: The final step is to deliver the end product to the customer and take the necessary steps in future project management – training for web maintenance, printing, future updates, etc.