Covington Schools – Corridor Project…

A class composite showing the before and after results from the restoration. Click on the image to view a larger sample.

With the construction of a new K-8 school building, Covington schools found itself in a dilemma in regards to preserving and displaying class composites from 1935 until the current date. What made this such a challenge is the fact that many of the old class composites had faded through time and some were in frames that were falling apart. Plus, there was no consistency established over the years as to the overall size of each class composite.

Color Green Creative solved these issues by digitally restoring each class composite – some of which have been drastically faded due to old printing methods not being able to last under the stresses of light. The restored digital files have also been posted online for alumni to download for personal use.

In regards to displaying the class composites, along with a complete history of Covington schools dating back to 1870, Color Green Creative strategically designed the graphics to fit within the entire corridor bridging the two schools together. The overall appearance maintains the Covington brand established through the school’s history – ultimately visually conveying the tradition and school pride shared by alumni and future Buccaneers.

Once the design was completed and all class composites were digitally restored, SpeedPro Imaging in Vandalia, Ohio printed the art and spearheaded the installation of the graphics. Graphics were displayed in layers to give the entire corridor depth from the existing lightening established during the construction of the corridor. The end result is a very captivating environment for former, current and future Buccaneers to enjoy for decades to come.

Below is a gallery of images from the completed project.

Covington Gymnasium

When Covington Schools constructed a new K-8 building, it wanted to capture the tradition and history from the old middle school gymnasium into the design of the new gym while maintaining the Buccaneer branding that has become the staple of the school. Since some of the funding for the new K-8 building prevented transferring a section of the old gym floor into the new gym, we took color samples of the old gym floor and matched that color by staining the wood in some of the graphic areas (Home of the Buccs). We also used historic photos from the add-a-year banners for each sport.

For this entire project, Color Green Creative designed all graphic mock-ups for the gym floor and graphic elements on the walls to scale and monitored the final production and installation. The end result is a gymnasium Covington Schools and the community can use with pride.

The above graphic shows the computer mock-up of the gym floor. Stain was used in the words “Home of the Buccs” to match the color of the gym floor from the old middle school.


Covington Hallway Graphics


Covington High School wanted to dress up its main entrance to the high school and minimize the ability for spectators at sporting events to see inside the offices without limiting the ability for office workers to see into the hallway from inside the office. Color Green Photo put together the perfect solution with 50/50 window graphics which allows office workers to see out and preventing spectators from seeing in. The concept graphically promoted three essential areas of Covington School – athletics, academics and activities, as well as emphasizing the school’s history and tradition.

Enhance U

Enhance U has become the premier athletic training facility in Southwest Ohio as evident by the number of athletes who have ultimately gone on to play at the collegiate and professional levels. As part of it’s on-location training programs, Enhance U needed a solution to attract attention while it was on the road at team camps. Color Green Creative developed an eye-catching van wrap for Enhance U, profiling the elite athletes who have benefitted from years of training. Each athlete was photographed in our Color Green Photo studio and used as the primary images for this amazing van wrap.

ONU Football

The Ohio Northern University football program looked to Color Green Creative and it’s creative team to upgrade the team lounge, much like previous projects for the men’s basketball program and the female locker room. Key elements for this project were to emphasize the amazing stadium, the tradition of the program and offer a medium to reward current players who excel on the field. What materialized was a captivating area where individual action photos could be replaced with updated images without the extensive cost of replacing the entire background graphic that runs around the lounge area.

ONU Women’s Sports

As part of the remodeling project Ohio Northern University conducted within their sports facilities, Color Green Creative teamed with other professionals to create environmental graphics for the locker room used by the female student/athletes. These graphics profiled legendary coaches and the tradition of each female sport; basketball, volleyball and softball. A specific “Team Wall” is modular, which allows each team to display their own materials in a captivating manner.

ONU Basketball

The Ohio Northern University men’s basketball team remodeled their locker room and wanted to present the history and tradition of the program within the setting. Color Green Creative teamed with other professionals to create a breath-taking atmosphere with wall-to-wall graphics throughout the locker room – graphics that can be added to with velcro stick-ons. The end result was above and beyond what ONU expected due to the flexibility of adding new items on the existing wall graphics without having to recreate an entire graphic.